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This is a dental procedure where the pulp in the pulp chamber of the tooth is removed as well as the root canal. When tooth pulp gets infected and can not be treated any other way, a pulpectomy helps prevent the spread of infection that could cause e the lose of one or more teeth.
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Roughly translated from Greek means “inside the tooth”. Endodontists routinely perform root canal surgery, but they also deal with other dental traumas like cracked teeth as well.

Root Canal

This is the hollow space inside of a tooth that is filled with dental pulp. Pulp is a soft tissue that nourishes and hydrates the tooth to keep it from cracking from chewing hard foods. Pulp also translates the sensation of hot and cold to the nerves. This pulp channel follows down to the root of the tooth where it connects with the jaw.

Root canal is also a term for an oral surgery called endodontic therapy. This procedure cleans out the pulp, disinfects the pulp chamber and fills it. This treatment is recommended for people who experience chronic tooth pain.