Learn the Meanings of Common Dental Terminology

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Also known as tooth decay or simply cavities which are caused by bacterial infection that cause decriminalization of the tooth. A hole is formed which penetrates the tooth through the enamel, dentin and cementum. Caries that are left untreated can cause pain and even the eventual loss of a tooth. If you can see caries or small chalky areas known as a surface caries the damage is progressed. In order to save the integrity of the tooth dentist try to spot small cavities with the use of radiography (X-rays). Dentists use a tool called a dental explorer, a sort of hooked pointy mental instrument, to diagnose caries during the examination process. That is what they are doing when they are poking about in our mouth.


An abscess is the body’s defensive system at work. Pus collects under the skin where a bacterial infection has started. An abscess wall is formed around the pus in an attempt to keep the pus from infecting healthy cells nearby. Usually caused by extensive periodontal disease.

Described as a sharp and or throbbing pain, pressure on the tooth may cause severe pain. Swelling can also appear at the base of the tooth, the gum and also the check. Applying cold packs might help, but you should see a dentist right away.

Left untreated an abscess can perforate bone and may spread infection by leaking pus in the throat and air passage causing suffocation. Run away infection can cause complications with other organs.